UTS Techcelerator

The UTS Faculty of Engineering and IT is funding students or student teams to participate in the Techcelerator, a Deep Tech Early-Stage Accelerator designed to enhance student prototyping skills. This free, co-curricular, 6 month program is focused on facilitating the development of a working prototype. Participants are given access to UTS world-class facilities, mentors, technical experts and funding to enable prototyping and market testing of deep technologies.

Gamified Discussoo

It is notoriously difficult to engage people in online discussions on controversial social problems, and it’s even harder to make that engagement meaningful - leading to deeper understandings and insights for decision-makers. Gamified Discussoo is not just another online discussion forum. It has two important features that make it stand out. First - AI algorithms that extract primary concepts from the comments and visualise them as a mind-map on the subject of interest, so that the participants can quickly grasp how the debate or discussion is progressing. Second - game design elements are embedded into the platform features. These include nudging mechanisms to provoke more comments and detailed responses that, consequently, improve engagement and the quality of the discussion.


Our team's motivation is to help make decisions fairer, more transparent, and democratic by leveraging the wisdom of the crowd. We come from a participatory modelling research background and know the power of visualised conceptual models to form a basis for wider understanding and deeper analysis. We would like to make this base more accessible to decision-makers in the wider community.

Madiha Anjum
PhD Candidate at University of Technology Sydney
Core Expertise:
Machine learning, Tools for engagement, Data Sciences
Elena Bakhanova
PhD Candidate at University of Technology Sydney
Core expertise:
participatory modeling, systems thinking, game design
Peter Dupen
PhD Candidate at University of Technology Sydney
Core expertise:
engagement tools to support e-democracy and deliberative governance
Dr. Gnana Bharathy
Researcher at PERSWADE Center, University of Technology Sydney
Core expertise:
analytics for innovation & risk; diagnostic, design, data science & delivery