Discussoo: An online AI based
tool for serious discussions

A good rule for discussion is to use hard facts and a soft voice

Know about Discussoo

We have built a moderated communication tool to support serious discussions.

Communication tools enable the interaction and allow taking feedback and opinion from users, which is a very useful approach for individual and collective decision making, as it helps in understanding the current dynamics and formation of ideas and policies in democracies.

Web Based

Discussoo can be used as

Web based substitute for stakeholder workshops and meetings. Especially in the current pandemic situation it might be hard to bring together people in one room. Discussoo to the rescue. Comments can be collected from as many participants as may wish to join or are invited to join. People do not need to travel and spend time in meetings. You can join at any time you want, from anywhere you like.

We also enrich the discussion by running AI algorithms in the background to extract keywords, concepts and interactions. Based on that we generate mental models that are fed back into the discussion to help to visualize what comes out of the discussion: what is most important, what may influence what, how concepts interact.

Discussoo is a framework for serious discussions.

Which can be used to elicit, conceptualize, and then visualize people’s mental models of social issues.

I amMadiha Anjum

and I am currently doing doctoral research at Centre onPersuasive Systems for Wise Adaptive Living (PERSWADE)in the School of Information, Systems and Modelling at the University of Technology Sydney (Australia) under supervision ofAlexey VoinovandFlavio Pileggi